Day: August 12, 2019

Sapling Distribution in Pali and Podi Blocks, Korba District, Chhattisgarh – July and August 2019

By Ramakant Jaiswal and Tiharu Birhor A sapling distribution campaign was carried out from 10th July to 10th August 2019 in Pali and Podi Blocks of Korba district. A nursery of a variety of uncultivated and local fruit trees like Mango, Neembu, Amrood (Guava), Barmasi, Munga, Kathal, Papita, and Jamun was established in Udta village […]

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Tuber garden cum tuber bank at Abbalathi village, Periyapatna, Karnataka

Ramachandran K G Participation in two tuber festivals has made a Jenukuruba women’s group from Abbalathi village in Periya patna area think about their traditional varieties of tubers. They wanted to revive them and started to think about a nursery to bring back some of the tuber species to their homesteads. They were not allowed […]

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