Awareness Program on Uncultivated Food with students of Kathalpara Medium School, Littipara Block, Pakur District, Jharkhand, 25th July 2019

Pilathus Malto

On the 25th of July an awareness program on the Uncultivated Food of the Paharias was organised for the school children of Kathalpara Medium School.

30 school children, 5 girls and 25 boys, accompanied by their teacher Ravi Kumar Das, were taken to Kathalpara’s forest where village elder Rama Paharia showed the children a variety of different plant based uncultivated foods. The uncultivated foods the children were shown included Singla, Nappe Alli, Kuse, Dumbri, Talmi and Kote. Rama Paharia showed the children how to identify different kinds of uncultivated foods and also shared their benefits. The school teacher Ravi Kumar Das, was very happy with this initiative and encouraged the children to learn more about the variety of uncultivated foods consumed from their elders.

After returning forest, the students were asked to name the different uncultivated foods they had seen. The students who correctly named the most uncultivated foods were given prizes.

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