Awareness Program on Uncultivated Food with Kamar School Children – 19th July 2019, Bhattadighi Primary School, Gariyaband District, Chhattisgarh

Basant Soni and Dhasay Sori

On the 19th of July 2019 the UD fellows of Gariyaband District, Chhattisgarh conducted an awareness program on uncultivated food with the children of Bhattadighi Primary School, Kuladighat Panchayat, Gariyaband District, Chhattisgarh. The school children accompanied by their teacher Pitambar Singh Banchir were taken on a forest trail by village elder Rama Singh Sori to explore the different kinds of uncultivated foods found in their forests.

The children were encouraged to identify as many uncultivated food plants and fungii as possible on their own and the children who identified the most were awarded with prizes.

Rama Singh Sori enabled the children to identify several tubers, wild vegetables, shoots and mushrooms and provided them information about these uncultivated foods and their benefits. The uncultivated food items covered included Koma kanda, Karu kanda, Bechandi Kanda, Peeth Kanda, Cherga Kanda and a variety of mushrooms, shoots and leafy vegetables that are a vital part of the Kamar’s diet. The school teacher Pitambar was very happy with the forest trail and advised his children to remember the knowledge they had gained through the trail.

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