Kitchen Garden Training Program, Chota Pokharia Village, Littipara Block, Pakur District, Jharkhand, 8th June 2019

Pilathus Malto

On the 8th of June 2019 a one-day training program on Kitchen Gardens was organised at Chotta Pokharia village. The program was attended by 83 villagers from Chotta Pokharia and neighbouring villages. Training on best practices for Kitchen Gardens was provided by Sudayal Sah. Sudayal Sah provided practical demonstrations on a variety of key activities pertaining to Kitchen Gardens.

He described and demonstrated methods of storing seeds safely and then ran the villagers through methods of sowing and cultivation.

The men and women villagers who attended the program felt that the information provided was practical and useful. They were keen to apply the new knowledge to improve cultivation practices in their own habitation plots and kitchen gardens. Village Pradhan of Chotta Pokharia also attended the training program and lauded the initiatives and encouraged fellow villagers to implement the knowledge they had received today to improve and strengthen cultivation through kitchen gardens which will help meet diet and nutrition needs of their families and also provide an opportunity to generate an additional income through the sale of the different crops they would be cultivating.

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